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The Fast & The Furious Honest Trailer Spoofs The Franchise’s Roots

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The original Fast & Furious film gets the Honest Trailers treatment in a new video from Screen Junkies filled with NOS, car talk, family, and Coronas.

The Fast and the Furious has gotten the Honest Trailers treatment in a new video, which spoofs the origin film’s product placement, constant car talk, and obsession with NOS. With F9: The Fast Saga releasing in the U.S. on June 25, there’s never been a better time to take a look back at the franchise’s roots. Fast and Furious has certainly come a long way since then, and it’s funny to remember what the franchise was before it involved tanks, spy planes, international terrorists, and outer space.

In 2001, The Fast and the Furious didn’t necessarily seem like the kind of movie that would spawn a multi-billion dollar franchise. It was successful and garnered a dedicated fan base, but it lacked budget and the “wow-factor” of major blockbusters. For a time, Fast and Furious was simply a series about street racing, and though it’s strayed from that origin point immensely, the early films still possess the lighthearted, yet sincere energy that’s made the franchise so easy to watch.

Of course, The Fast and the Furious is also host to a bevy of hilarious writing choices and early 2000s-isms, all of which are made light of in the latest Honest Trailers video from Screen Junkies. The video picks apart the original Fast film in detail, including montages of characters talking about piston rods and NOS, stolen DVD players, and plenty of car puns.

Looking back at the clips of The Fast and the Furious, one thing is certain – it was a much, much simpler time for the franchise. F9 will feature some of the series’ most absurd action yet – including flying rocket cars and trucks loaded with super-magnets – adding to a resume that includes planes being pulled out of the air with harpoon cables and hyper-cars being jumped between skyscrapers. The absurdity of Fast and Furious is what makes the franchise so fun, but it does start to wear on itself after a while.

With the core Fast saga wrapping up in a two-part finale after Fast and Furious 9, it should be interesting to see what happens to the franchise in the future. Spinoffs could mean a return to the less bombastic street racing ways of the franchise’s past, but that’s not a guarantee. After upping the ante on action so many times, it seems doubtful that the franchise could ever truly return to its roots. Fortunately, The Fast and the Furious is still a fun watch for any fans nostalgic for simpler times.