The World's Best Wildlife and Wilderness Destinations

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A remote jungle or a region of pristine wilderness. Places where the air is clean, nature still rules, and magnificent landscapes overwhelm us with their majesty and beauty.Today, these destinations are considered some of the most luxurious and unique experiences in the world.With the continuing rise of affordable travel, tourism continues to expand into areas of the world previously considered "off the radar". It may seem there are few true wilderness destinations left to discover.Thankfully, there are still many exotic wildlife holidays and wilderness destinations to explore from the remote and rugged Carpathian Mountains in central Eastern Europe to the snow-covered reaches of Alaska.Get back to nature with some of these wild and unique wilderness destinations. The 1500km long Carpathian mountain range runs in an arch of more than 900 km through Romania encircling the beautiful Transylvania region.The region has one of the most extensive virgin forests and the most significant big carnivore populations in Europe. In addition to the largest brown bear population in Europe, the pristine wilderness is also home to the elusive Eurasian Grey Wolf. From the ideal base in Brasov or Zarnesti, it is possible to take small group hikes through the forests to track and watch wolves as well as bears and lynx in their natural habitat.Experience the famed tundras and snow-capped mountains of Alaska from the air for a truly exhilarating wilderness experience.One hundred miles from any paved roads, deep in the Alaskan wilderness, you will find a luxury experience centred on adventure.As far as isolation goes, the Ultima Thule Lodge is as remote about remote as it can get. It is from here you can take a spectacular scenic flight across one of the largest protected wilderness areas in the world. After the flight, relax in the lodge while wild bears and bison roam outside and watch as the Northern Lights skip across the sky - a guaranteed experience of a lifetime from start to finish.Located on top of an escarpment in a 22,000-hectare conservancy in northern Kenya, the Loisaba Tented Camp offers luxurious wilderness accommodation with breathtaking panoramas of Laikipia county and Mt Kenya.The unfenced camp lies in the vicinity of the elephant migration corridor, which means elephant sightings are possible from the comfort of the strategically located tents.If viewing passing wildlife such as rare wild dogs and lions from the camp is not enough action for you, there are three game drives a day, including night drives. You can also enjoy horse riding, trekking, mountain biking, and visiting local Samburu villages.Loisaba Tented Camp is a luxurious experience set against the wild terrain and adventure of Kenya’s incredible wilderness.The jungles of Sabah on the island of Borneo is one of the last remaining habitats for the orangutans and by far Borneo’s most popular attraction. Head to Sandakan to visit the famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and to discover an incredible abundance of unspoilt rainforests and tropical rivers. Here it is possible to see an astonishing array of animal species including the highly endangered and elusive clouded leopard.The great Kinabatangan river which runs through the famous Tabin Wildlife Reserve provides a magical opportunity for visitors to explore the complex rainforest environment by way of canopy walks, boat rides and night walks with highly professional guides.Watch the odd-looking proboscis monkeys forage in the trees right above you, while it is possible to spot at least four species of hornbills soaring above.