Things To Do in Bruges in One Day

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Many consider the medieval fairytale town of Bruges in Belgium one of Europe's prettiest cities. Find out for yourself on a day trip to Bruges. Beyond the picturesque facade, Bruges also invokes thoughts of beer, waffles, chocolate and the black comedy In Bruges. After all, this is what Bruges is famous for.Pretty cobbled lanes sprawl from central market squares where horse-drawn carriages trot purposefully through town. Swans and boats glide effortlessly down charming central canals past bell towers, historic churches and storybook houses.Bruges, one of the most popular places to visit in Belgium is one of those brochure ready destinations people flock to. And flock they do! Floods of tourists arrive each day to visit Bruges. Especially in the peak summer months to experience the medieval fairy tale charm that is Bruges.Has Bruges fallen victim to its own unique quality, much like Venice and Cinque Terre? Its authenticity and charm lost to tourism? As one would expect with any major tourist drawcard, all that charm and atmosphere doesn't come cheap. The restaurants in Bruges, especially in the central market area are fairly overpriced and the food average at best. Especially compared to Brussels and Ghent. People expect to find the best waffles in Bruges. Unfortunately, many of these have also fallen victim to mass tourism. Much like the beer and chocolate Belgium is famous for, these iconic items have been packaged and priced for the busloads of visitors arriving for the day. Although, it's not to say you can't still find a great waffle in Bruges. In short - if you are in Belgium, Yes!The big question with travel in Belgium these days is Bruges or Ghent? Easy - both. Whether it be a weekend in Bruges or just a day trip, Bruges is very beautiful and is easily accessible from Belgium's major cities so why not.Belgium is a very small country. So much so, it possible to see a lot even with only 4 days in Belgium. Like all Belgium cities, the city of Bruges is very walkable with most of the attractions close to each other. So a day trip to Bruges is very much a reasonable prospect.We believe the shoulder seasons of early spring or late autumn are the best for most places in Europe and this applies for Bruges, whether for one day or a few nights. Christmas is also an excellent time to visit Bruges, or anywhere in Belgium for that matter.While a day trip is entirely possible, at least one night would be recommended if you want to get a better sense of Bruges’ charm. The night is when Bruges reveals her charm, when the tour groups have left for the day, and the city is lit to highlight the medieval facade.Bear in mind though, in the peak summer months, even the evenings will be busy in Bruges. Although, in summer, you could combine a day/night in Bruges with a trip to one of Belgium’s best beaches. Most people don’t know, but there are at least three beaches within 15 minutes of Bruges. If you do only have time for one day in Bruges, aim for midweek for a less tourist-dense experience. Sure, you will still have tour groups but less local, European visitors.Christmas is one of the best times to visit Bruges as there are not as many tourists about and the famous Bruges Christmas Markets fill the central Market Square. Bruges Christmas Markets usually run from around 25 November to 2 January.Take a stroll or go for a ride. The central town is very scenic, so spend some time just exploring and enjoying the architecture everyone comes to see. The streets are very bike and pedestrian-friendly, so it is safe and easy to get around.Make the most of your day and discover the best of Bruges Old Town is a quick 2 hour Bruges Highlights Walking Tour. It’s a cheap (around €10 pp) and fun way to get your bearings and use the knowledge of a local guide to make the most of the rest of your day.