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This Is Us Star Is Nearly Unrecognizable In The Exchange Trailer

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This Is Us star, Justin Hartley, is unrecognizable in a new trailer for the comedy film The Exchange where he plays a 1980s gym teacher.

This Is Us star, Justin Hartley, is unrecognizable in a new trailer for the comedy film, The Exchange, where he plays a 1980s gym teacher. Hartley is best known for his portrayal of Kevin Person on the NBC series where he acts in an ensemble cast. The series tells the story of the Pearson clan and the many challenges they have faced over five decades of life and love. This Is Us will close out its sixth and final season in the Spring of 2022.

In the series, Hartley has portrayed a range of emotions and issues, from addiction through the lingering experience of the loss of a parent. However, the one emotion Hartley has never shown in the drama was his funny side. The family drama does have its share of memorable moments, but none that would require viewers to laugh out loud at something the actor may have said or done.

Quiver Distribution has just released the trailer for The Exchange. In the new film, Hartley will change the public’s perception of him in a role that is a complete turn from what fans are used to. The movie revolves around an awkward teen played by Ed Oxenbould who imports a French exchange student (Avan Jogia) to be his best friend, which doesn’t go quite as planned. Hartley plays gym teacher, Gary Rothbauer, and dons a classic ’80s mustache, mullet, and tinted aviator glasses. Topped off with a fashionable jacket and turtleneck, it is hard to distinguish the actor from his everyday persona.

The Exchange is helmed by the co-writer of Borat, Dan Mazer, who also directed 2016’s Bad Grandpa. Mazer is clearly no stranger to the comedy world and it will be interesting to see how the humor in upcoming movie compares to his past work. Read the official synopsis for The Exchange below:

A socially awkward but highly enterprising teenager decides to acquire a "mail order best friend"; a sophisticated exchange student from France. Instead, he ends up importing his personal nightmare, a cologne-soaked, chain-smoking, sex-obsessed youth who quickly becomes the hero of his new community.

The Exchange may be a departure from the way fans typically see Justin Hartley. However, his character takes himself very seriously, so while Hartley may not act overtly funny, the costuming, mannerisms, and dialogue create a side-splitting scenario that harkens back to the days of Fast Times and Ridgemont High and the iconic educator, Mr. Hand. The Exchange releases in theaters as well as digital and demand on July 30.